An outdoor business sign, or better yet a series of them, can help your business stand out among the competition. It’s also an investment in your company’s future, and naturally, you want to maximize your returns on your investment. Get the most out of your sign advertising by following these outdoor sign pointers.

3 Tips for Placing and Purchasing Outdoor Business Signs

The goal of any outdoor sign for a business is simple: to capture attention. If a sign can get someone’s attention, it can theoretically also get their business. These three tips will help you learn to direct customer attention with strategic outdoor sign placement.

1. Mark Your Entrance Clearly

Smaller signs are more effective directly by the establishment’s entrance. The sign is often your customer’s first visual introduction to you, and a clear well-designed sign makes a powerful first impression and draws attention to your business.

2. Make it Visible From the Street

You want passers-by to notice your sign, of course. Ensure your design is clearly visible at the distance of an average viewer, and that it is also large enough for its context. Billboard psychology works, pulling in new customers for your business.

Consider your customers’ perspective both as they drive and as they park. A sign above a business’s door often makes it easier to find, convenience customers appreciate.

3. Consider Your Market and Climate

If you’re in an urban area shopping center, mounting a sign on its marker is wise. But for business owners in more rural areas, the highway may be a more practical sign location. Know the context that matters for your business’s advertising plans.

Get Your Outdoor Business Sign

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