Are electric signs worth the money?

As a local business owner and a consumer, you know how powerful effective, enticing signage can be. It transforms your whole view of a business. But don’t invest in a new electronic message center just because other companies are doing it — do it because installing an electric sign can effectively boost your marketing efforts instantly.


Electric signs are taking the small-business marketing industry by storm, for five convincing reasons:

1. They Grab Attention

It’s estimated that 85 percent of customers live or work within a 5-mile radius of your business. That means they drive by your building every day. They’re accustomed to the sights in their neighborhood. They probably don’t give your company a second look.

Your outdated, static sign may not grab their attention, but electric signs are sure to turn heads. People look at screens all day long — their eyes are trained to spot the electronic glow from a distance. You can bet that your upgraded sign is going to hold the attention of a passerby much longer and make a more lasting impression as well.

2. They Can Be Updated

Once you design, manufacture and install a static sign, there’s no going back. You can’t alter the information or update the details, unless you want to pay for a whole new sign.

Electric signs give business owners the power to change the message on a whim. Something as minor as changing your slogan to something as major as changing your company name is handled with ease. In a digital world, consumers expect up-to-date information, and they’ll appreciate the accuracy from your electric sign.

3. They’re Timely

Change your message based on the weather. Advertise a sudden sale. Make immediate changes to what your sign says to market to your customers in real time. You get to choose what you say at any particular time of day.

4. They Make You Look Professional

If you’re looking for a way to present your business as modern and professional, look no further than electric signs. They project a contemporary image that appeals to younger audiences without alienating older consumers. Stay on the cutting edge — how you brand your business matters.

5. They’re on 24/7

Perhaps the greatest benefit to electric signs is that you can project your marketing message 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means more eyes on your sign, more awareness about your business and more potential customers finding out what you’re all about. That’s always a positive, and it makes this sign upgrade a desirable, cost-effective improvement.

Depend on M Graphics & Signs to design, build and install durable, quality electric signs. We’re here to provide signage solutions for every Utah business owner.

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