Your business sign is often the first thing new customers see. Don’t you want the moment to be perfect?



You can’t attract the right customers unless you design the right business sign — one that’s flashy enough to draw attention, but professional enough to advertise your expertise. It’s a tough balance to strike, but with the right design and installation team on your side, it’s a breeze.

Here are seven steps your sign-building contractor should follow when they tackle this project with you:

1. Consult with the Client

First, the client and the sign builder need to chat. Clients can share their thoughts, their vision and maybe even some graphics or sketched-out ideas of what they picture for the final product.

2. Inspect Installation Location

Once the business owner and sign builder have reached an agreement, it’s time to look at where the sign will be installed. The contractor will take measurements of the area and make notes to help with the building and installation process.

3. Select Materials

Once the contractor has an idea of what the business owner wants and where the sign will be installed, they can make some suggestions. The client can choose the type of sign they like best, such as a backlit cabinet or channel lettering.

4. Sketch a Design

If the client is looking to rebrand their company and wants an original logo or sign design, the design team will get to work. After the client approves the design, production starts.

5. Get a Permit

A key part of the process comes before installation day. The contractor has to make sure that their installation will meet local building codes and regulations. They may have to get a permit from the zoning office and submit the required plans and documents, including a copy of their license, before the town will approve the project.

6. Fabricate the Sign

Once the design and materials are chosen and the town has signed off on the project, the contractor will finalize fabrication of the business sign. It’s almost time for installation day.

7. Install the Sign

Your contractor will transport the sign to the installation site and use special equipment to securely anchor it in place. They should have trained staff on hand helping, and insurance to keep the client safe from liability. Next is the best part: the big reveal.

Trust M Graphics & Signs to expertly design and install your business sign. Contact us today and share your creative ideas for your new sign — we’re excited to work with you.

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