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Oftentimes while driving down a long road, as time passes, I’ll find myself developing more and more interest in the scenery. I’ll see all kinds of signs on the sides of the road advertising a name or some other symbol that represents a company’s brand. I see digital marquees, canvas posters that flap in the wind, words that light up and flash in an attempt to grab passersby attention, and other types of signs. My favorite type of business sign is a  dimensional sign because of their unchangeableness and their conservative look. I think a dimensional sign stands out among the rest because of how boldly it proclaims a company’s name while yet not trying to catch your attention. This sign’s lack of trying to catch my attention is what catches my attention.


Dimensional letters can withstand harsh weather and with how sturdy they are, they will last for years. 

Some of the more popular materials that are used to create dimensional letters are:

  • Aluminum – Versatile, affordable, and durable aluminum is used in most metal signs. Aluminum can be painted any color you want, including custom colors that match your branding.
  • Acrylic, PVC, or Plastic – These outdoor-rated signage materials will give your venue a playful vibe. Consider flat-cut letters for a stylish display option.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is the ideal choice for appliance showrooms, high-tech businesses, and high-end apartment complexes due to its heavy-duty, avant-garde, no-nonsense, chic look.
  • High-Density-Urethane (HDU) – Since it is good for the environment and multi-faceted, HDU is a favorite material in the signage industry. It can achieve a thickness of up to three inches, and acrylic or metal laminates can be applied to HDU.


I love it when I enter into a reception area and the first thing I see is the companies name printed in dimensional letters on the wall. I feel like a professional when I see that and I get the impression that the company I am about to work with is professional as well. 

When people hear “dimensional letters,” they often think that these signs only consist of letters. Nothing could be further from the truth. “Dimensional letter” is a blanket term that covers numbers and logos as well. Many organizations benefit from adding logo wall signs to their interior décor. You will often see these markers in conference rooms and common areas, such as cafeterias, as well as the reception areas. 

So whether you are looking for a sidewalk sign, a storefront sign or something to put on the wall in one of your common areas. A custom dimensional sign is a good way to go.


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