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Don't Take Chances

Don’t take chances with companies who contract out their product installation. With M Graphics & Signs, we stay hand-on with your sign project from the earliest aspects of design all the way through permit and installation, guaranteeing your satisfaction every step of the way.

Up To The Challenge

M Graphics & Signs not only designs andihop business sign installation fabricates all our clients’ projects, we obtain permits and perform the installation ourselves as well. We are a licensed sign installation contractor in the state of Utah, and welcome all the responsibilities that come with that designation. That means an extra level of service that we can provide to you, our customer.

One of the most challenging aspects of the signage industry is compliance. Every municipality requires adherence to specific codes and restrictions, each different from the other. This can apply to signage size and height restrictions but also to installation location and method. If the desired installation site lies within an association, additional constraints may apply.

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Trust Our Experience for Business Sign Installation for Your Utah Business

At M Graphics & Signs, we have almost 15 years’ direct experience with the permit and approval processes that are necessary for sign installation. We bring that invaluable experience to bear for you, so you never have to worry about it. You can rest assured that your sign will meet the requirements necessary for permitting and installation. This also means that you don’t have to spend your precious time trying to figure out building codes and restrictions. Allow us, as the experts, to provide this service on your behalf, so you can continue doing what’s important: growing your business.

Our detailed knowledge of Utah sign code and zoning restrictions provide an additional benefit, especially if your installation location requires design review and approval. We have the industry-related contacts that allow us to fast-track the process, and an on-staff engineer to oversee the work. In some locations, design review committees only meet once every month. Because we often know what design review will or won’t approve, there’s no need to wait for approval.

Not in Utah? Not a problem. We can build the signs in our shop, then ship them to you. We’ll help you find someone available locally do perform the installation. This is also a great option for signs in rural areas.

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Cover Your Bases with Proper Business Sign Permits & Installation Practices in Salt Lake City, Utah

Liability is a concern for every business owner but M Graphics & Signs takes this burden off your shoulders as well. Improper sign location, sizing or installation could potentially limit visibility for pedestrians or motor vehicles. Poor installation practices could jeopardize the safety of people or property. Because M Graphics & Signs is licensed, insured and bonded up to $4 million, you’ll never need worry about these risks either.

Before even quoting your sign design and installation, our professional technicians will survey the site, and verify all relevant site conditions. This allows us to determine a realistic estimate for the work involved with installing your signage. What this means to you and your business is no surprises, no hidden costs and no unexpected delays.

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