Welcome to M Graphics & Signs

Our team of experts will help you find the right marketing solution for your business signs. Whether you need a new logo or a whole new outdoor sign we can help! Come in to our Salt Lake City office or call us today and talk to one of our specialists.

At M Graphics and Signs we offer a large variety of business sign services, including design, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and repair service/maintenance.

Business Sign Design

Visual images forge your customers’ first impression of you and your business, communicating your message and establishing your relationship.

Dimensional Signs

Your business isn’t one-dimensional. Your signage shouldn’t be either. Make your brand identity pop with dimensional signage from M Graphics.

Electric Signs

Signage connects your business to the public, reaching out to your potential customers and leaving a lasting impression.

Sign Fabrication & Manufacturing

At M Graphics & Signs, all fabrication and manufacturing is done in-house, never sent out to a third party or subcontractor.

Large Format Printing

There is no substitute for high quality and M Graphics & Signs has some of the best technology and fabrication equipment in the industry.

Business Sign Installation & Permits

M Graphics & Signs not only designs and fabricates all our clients’ projects, we obtain permits and perform the installation as well!