Dimensional signs help your business make a statement. They jump out at viewers and stick in their memories. They’re easy to read and you can design them to match any style. Whether you use them to decorate a trade show booth or to provide directions to your office, dimensional signs stand out — just what signs are supposed to do!


With their aesthetically pleasing, attention-catching qualities, it’s no wonder dimensional signs are a popular product choice. If you’ve decided to install one at your business, great! But you still have one more decision to make.

What type of material should you use for your sign?

Foam Is Versatile and Budget-Friendly

Foam lettering is perfect for dimensional signs, especially when you’re on a budget. They are the cheapest option, but they don’t look cheap. You can pick the color and font style you like, and the sign is created quickly.

It’s the ideal product for a booth at a trade show, or any setting where you’d like to be able to easily take down the sign and re-use it. Foam also works perfectly as a standalone, permanent sign. You have options — it’s versatile.

Acrylic Is Durable and Lightweight

Acrylic lettering is a top choice for dimensional signs because it’s cut to order and painted in any color you can imagine. It’s a durable, long-lasting choice, so it’s ideal when you want a sign to complete your business’ interior. It’s also lightweight — you can hang it anywhere, but still get the sturdy, permanent look you’re aiming for.

Metal Is Solid, Yet Elegant

A metal sign elevates your company’s image. Whether you go with a polished or patina look, the effect is the same: It’s classy and elegant. You can pick the type of metal that fits your décor and blends seamlessly with your interior design.

Metal denotes permanence, stability and professionalism — all desirable traits your customers want in a business. Even though it may be the most expensive option, the benefits are clearly worth the investment.

Make Your First Impression the Best Impression

Set yourself apart. Installing dimensional signage distinguishes your brand in the eyes of your customers. It’s been said that first impressions last a lifetime. What impression do you want to leave?

Contact M Graphics & Signs for customized dimensional signs, perfectly tailored to your brand. From color selection to logo integration, our team’s creative, professional touch will help you create quality, eye-catching signs that exceed your expectations.

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