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Electric Business Signs

Effective signage demonstrates your company’s commitment to the customer and stands as a constant reminder of your presence. Contact M Graphics & Signs today to review your business’s needs for branding and image creation. Our experienced professional team can help you achieve your goals with electric signs and related visual marketing solutions.

Exterior and Interior Signs

Signage connects your business to the public, reaching out to your potential customers and leaving a lasting impression. Electric signs ensure that the message reaches its target.

Electric signs provide business owners with an exceptionally high return on investment. Almost 50 percent of your customers will learn about your business from its signage. Lighted signage raises visibility instantly, communicating your brand and advertising your message in a clear and cost-effective manner. M Graphics & Signs specializes in electric signage of all types, for both exterior and interior applications.

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Light Up Your Utah Business with Electric Signs

Lighted logos and signage, using front- or reverse-lit channel lettering, can be attached directly to your building or to a backing plate, providing a level of installation flexibility that is suitable for any location. M Graphics & Signs can design and install your electric signs, and even secure the necessary permits and approvals.

Malls can be difficult to work with, so many companies shy away from creating business signs for malls. At M Graphics & Signs, we are mall specialists. We will design a sign that complies with the mall rules and regulations, and even complete the installation after hours, to make your mall space look it’s best without jeopardizing your relationship with the mall management.

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Improve Your Visibility with Electric Business Signs Made by Salt Lake City’s Experts

Monument signage are ideal for identification and direction, and for improving your company’s visibility. Appropriate for retail, industrial and office locations, lighted monument signs are especially useful if your location is not readily visible from the roadway. The expert designers at M Graphics & Signs can create a design that is unique and memorable, and that will stand the test of time.

Pole covers and signs offer a variety of design options that are made to garner attention. Free-standing pole and pylon signs are always on the clock, conveying your brand and message to everyone who passes by. Let the professional design team at M Graphics & Signs design one of these iconic statement signs for your business.

fabrication of electric business signsCustom LED channel signs set you apart from your competitors and brings customers knocking on your door. Individually lit letters, constructed of high quality materials and built to last, are custom designed by M Graphics & Signs to meet your specifications. Bright and eye-catching, LED channel lighting are also energy efficient and cost effective.

Display signage and message centers are ideal for a variety of commercial applications. Digital kiosks and billboards allow you to interact with your customer on a dynamic platform. Electronic posters and large format display screens allow you to share content of all types, creating an immersive experience and enhancing your revenue stream and profitability.

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