A striking mall sign could be the difference between making a sale and getting overlooked yet again by another passing customer.

Custom Mall Signs

When oblivious shoppers are leisurely walking through the mall, how do you call out to them and grab their attention? It starts with designing appealing signage that sets you apart from every other storefront.

Nonverbal Communication

Believe it or not, your mall sign’s design tells potential customers a lot more about your business than you realize. According to research by FedEx, 76 percent of consumers will enter a store they’ve never heard of before simply because they’re drawn to the sign.

It doesn’t just get customers in the door — it also tells them what to expect from your company as well. Sixty-eight percent of consumers believe the quality of a business sign directly relates to the quality of the products or services they offer.

Business signage is often the only communication you have with potential customers — it matters.

Increase Brand Reach

Do your brand a favor — model your sign after your other marketing materials.

If mall shoppers have seen your ads online or in print, their eye may be even more drawn to your sign. As with all types of signage, one of the main goals is to further the influence of your company’s brand. You want to be recognizable and familiar to potential customers long before they set foot in your mall store.

Consider Color and Size

You want dynamic, contrasting colors in your sign design. You also want to make sure the sign has the right dimensions. Too big comes across as obnoxious; too small and you won’t stand out. This is where it helps to have professional design help during the creative process.

Light it Up

A mall sign isn’t complete without illumination. A front-lit sign emits light directly from the design. A backlit sign creates a halo effect around the design. You can also use a combination of both illumination options — whatever it takes to provide the alluring presence you’re going for.

Is it Time for a Refresh?

Is your current mall sign outdated?

When you have a storefront in a mall, you have the unique benefit of daily exposure to foot traffic. Don’t let the opportunity to draw in new customers pass you by. Creating an eye-catching mall sign is easy when you trust M Graphics & Signs. Take full advantage of a creative team that’s ready to design and craft a mall sign to set you apart from neighboring stores. Call today to set up a consultation.

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