Just a few decades ago, painted signs were the only signs. Before the rise of digital printing, sign-painting was an art and a trade all rolled into one highly valued profession. Sign painters had specialized skills that placed them in demand.

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Until the manufacturing and technology advancements of the 1980s, many business owners used a sign painter to produce unique images and messages for your business.

The rise of computer printing technology revolutionized the sign industry. Since signs can now be mass produced using a faster and cheaper method, are painted signs outdated?

No matter the time and cost savings of modern alternatives, there’s always a place for an authentic painted sign.

Convey a Personal Message

The popularity of hand-painted products has been growing. Why?

Modern businesses are focused on marketing to millennials, a group of over 75 million — the largest generation in America. The characteristic millennials look for in a brand is authenticity. Traditional marketing messages like the streamlined, mass-produced sign messages they grew up around don’t affect their purchasing behavior.

Businesses see that using painted signs helps establish their brand as original and unique. Consumers still enjoy one-of-a-kind and handcrafted items, and painted signs that represent a business’ branding establish a positive reputation in the eyes of the consumer.

You’re Not Limited by Size

Here’s another benefit to depending on painted signs — you can make them as large or as small as you would like. Yes, digital printing has the capability of reproducing giant, billboard-sized (or larger) signs, but you could go a step further than that. You could turn your entire building into a sign!

There’s no limit to what a sign-painting master can offer you, so it’s the perfect way to let your imagination run wild.

Use Vibrant Colors

Digital printing is the highest quality it’s ever been, but does anything really beat the impressive vibrancy of a newly painted sign? When you choose your colors, you’ll see them exactly matched in the final product.

Your Final Product Is Crystal Clear

It’s not just the colors that remain clear — the images and the lettering do too. As wonderful as modern printing is, a printed sign is still just a replica of an image. Painted signs offer the depth, texture and shading needed to make an effective, immediate impression.

Call M Graphics & Signs today to learn more about the choices you have when it comes to painted signs. We want to work with you and inject fresh energy into your business branding.

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