If a traditional business sign design doesn’t work for your needs, consider having a sign painted directly onto the interior or exterior location of your choice.

You can use the approach for conveying any type of information you prefer, including directional signage in corridors and parking garages. You can place your business information on shipping containers and trucks. You can even paint the roof of your facility for easy overhead identification.

Whatever type of sign painting you need in the Salt Lake City area or throughout northern Utah, M Graphics & Signs is the locally owned expert in signs for businesses.

Benefits of Painted Signs

One of the best aspects of having a sign painted is the visibility it provides. Your prospects and customers will be able to find you quickly and easily. And, if you rely on walk-in or drive-by business, your signage will definitely get you noticed.

Painted signs are typically more affordable than other types of business signage, simply because you’re already providing the background in many cases – like any interior or exterior wall of your facility. Our sign painters simply prep the surface and create the design you’ve selected.

Turnaround is surprisingly fast also, thanks to having no need for fabricating materials. Once we establish the design, there’s nothing left to do but apply it.

Is a Painted Sign Right for You?

Unlike many other types of business signs, the sky’s the limit with designing a painted sign. You can choose virtually any font, color, graphics and design you prefer.

You can have a sign painted in almost any interior or exterior location. You can choose large or small designs – or splash your business name and logo across the side of your warehouse facility.

Painted signs are durable and, although you may want to have yours touched up every few years, the sign will endure as long as the surface it’s applied to.

Utah’s Painted Signs Expert

With more than 20 years of sign painting experience, the M Graphics team understands the unique nature of this signage type. Our high-quality work and attention to detail ensure that your signs will always look professional and present a powerful image for your business.

We handle every aspect of the process, from concept to design to permitting and completion. We can even help you design a logo from your business if you don’t already have one as a part of your branding.

M Graphics & Signs handles the entire process in-house, ensuring exceptional quality, quick turnaround and remarkable affordability. We can make recommendations on how to care for your painted signs and, when they’re ready for a little refresher, our team can provide expert touch-up services.

Contact us today to learn more about adding painted signs for the interior and the exterior of your business location.