Freestanding business signs mounted on tall, heavy-duty supports – pole signs – are the most affordable and effective way to get your business noticed by prospects, customers and passers-by.

This type of signage offers an amazing range of versatility, allowing you to choose the design, materials and colors that are most appropriate for your goals.

M Graphics & Signs is the expert in pole signage in the Salt Lake City area and throughout northern Utah. We handle every facet of your project in-house, giving you the best quality and lowest prices in the industry.

Lighted Pole Signs

If you’ve ever chosen a freeway exit specifically because you saw a sign for gas or food from afar, you know how powerful this type of freestanding signage can be for drawing in customers.

You can use direct or backlighting for these designs and choose virtually any size and configuration allowable under your local sign codes. Your installation location must have access to power but, otherwise, lighted pole signs are appropriate almost anywhere.

You can also choose to use a lighted pylon sign design, rather than a single, center pole for support, if you need to include more information than you could normally include on pole signage. Pylon signage is perfect for power centers, shopping malls or anywhere that features multiple businesses in one location.

Pole Sign Design & Installation Options

In addition to choosing a pole sign with lighting or without, you can also choose the size, shape, color and height of your sign, as long as the design in done in accordance with the city’s governing sign codes and any zoning overlays that may be present.

Because most pole signage uses a standard backlit cabinet sign design, you can choose the material you prefer for the face, based on your budget and the durability you seek. This also makes your signage versatile and evergreen because, if you want to change the design in the future, M Graphics can simply fabricate new face panels and insert them into the existing cabinet.

You have the option of one- or two-sided signage and you can also select the type of illumination source you prefer.

Utah’s Pole Signs Experts

As northern Utah’s preferred expert in business signs for more than two decades, M Graphics & Signs understands how important your signage is for building your company.

The M Graphics team handles everything from design to installation – including getting the proper permits and approvals for your signage and having power run to the desired location, if necessary.

Because we are well-versed in all the local sign ordinances and codes, we can help you design your signage to be in compliance with all governing regulations. We will prepare the design and specifications, submit it to the city and pull your permits for you, so you never have to worry about this time-consuming and potentially confusing process.

Contact us today to request a personalized cost estimate for your northern Utah pole sign or pylon sign.