When you rent a space for a brick and mortar store, or you’re looking to move to new office space, a new sign that boldly proclaims who you are is probably at the forefront of your mind. Who wouldn’t want to have the best custom made sign in front of your business showcasing who you are? We at M Graphics and Signs want you to have the best business sign possible that not only informs onlookers what is on the other side of your doors but also invites prospective clients through your doors. Let us explain the process of getting a sign ready for you!

The Process to Get a Sign Built

The process to get from wanting a specific kind of sign built in a specific place can be time-consuming and costly. The process of building a sign requires the involvement of several other parties, including country or city governments. There is a lot of paperwork involved. 

A few of the steps that are involved are:

  1. Permit application: Getting everyone’s signature onto a piece of paper, then having that paper officially notarized before turning it in can be a hassle. 
  2. Land Survey/Site Plan: This includes an actual map that details the neighboring buildings; each property line clearly marked out and designated, other street signs that are close by, the proposed site of the sign and the measurements of everything involved, etc.
  3. Structural Drawings: Prepared by or under the supervision of a state-certified engineer detailing the lengths of each surface and the math of how the sign will be built.
  4. Notice of Commencement: Describing the legal description of the purpose of the sign, as well as the contact information for both the owner and contractor.
  5. Agency Letter (optional): Similar to a “power of attorney letter,” this letter states to the public that the contractor has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the owner.
  6. Sign Bond: Comparable to an insurance policy that typically needs to be renewed yearly, this bond enables the city to access funds to maintain the sign if the property owner does not do so.
  7. Electrical Permit: You must complete an application for an electrical permit for any electrical structure. 

Not to mention having to work around zoning laws and other city ordinances. The process to place a professional-looking sign outside your place of business can be timely and tough. 

What can M Graphics and Signs do for You?

We have more than 10 years of experience in designing signs for businesses. Having gone through this process time and time again, we can, with confidence, recommend that you hire us. We can make sure that you can get a specific sign built in a specific place, just how you want it. Working with us will allow you to circumvent a lot of these steps, saving you both time and money.

Give us a call at (801) 748-1177 and talk to us today about building your custom signs or visit our website www.mgraphicsinc.com. We have all kinds of options for business signs and we engineer both inside signs as well as outdoor signage. Get in touch with us today to solve your signage problems.

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