Vehicle graphics — they’re not just a flashy car upgrade. They’re a way to use your marketing budget effectively.

Vehicle Wrap

Running ad campaigns on TV, radio and the internet isn’t ineffective, it’s just expensive. You pay a high price to hopefully get your business’ information out to the right customers.

Vehicle graphics help you increase impressions significantly without the high cost associated with traditional advertising.

Would installing vehicle graphics get you the results you’re looking for?

Get Wide Exposure at an Affordable Price

Consider how many drivers are on the road each day. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the average driver clocks 13,476 miles per year. That’s over 250 miles per week. Now think about all the pedestrians who will see your vehicle. Then think about all the people who will see your company’s information when your truck is parked in a lot.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that because of the sheer number of drivers on the road, vehicle graphics have the power to produce 70,000 impressions per day, per vehicle. Now picture that same design on every single car or truck in your business’ fleet. That’s a significant number of impressions per day, per week and per year, all for one low, affordable price.

Enhance Brand Recognition in Your Community

When you drive around town with vehicle graphics on your car, you’re concentrating the impressions within your community. You’re targeting the people who are most likely to use your service or purchase your product, because you’re local.

When potential customers see your vehicle out and driving around the neighborhood, you build trust. They believe their friends and neighbors — people just like them — are relying on your company, so why shouldn’t they?

Your local customer base might not recognize your brand on the local television channels or by listening to the radio, but they’re probably going to see your car at some point. When your graphic design mirrors your other marketing materials, you’re encouraging brand awareness on other marketing platforms as well.

Write Off the Expense

Tax season is tricky for businesses with vehicles. It’s challenging to track miles, tolls, gas and maintenance. When you install vehicle graphics, you get to write off this entire expense because it’s completely related to business.

Make sure you depend on a trained professional for design and installation. Call M Graphics & Signs today and share your thoughts with an expert. M Graphics & Signs understands the value of vehicle graphics and works with your ideas to produce the eye-catching, impressionable message you envision for your car.

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