Custom, full-color vinyl decals get you noticed.

Perfect for businesses of all types as well as schools, organizations and events, vinyl lettering and decals are effective and affordable. This signage also provides a high level of flexibility, allowing the customer to choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs.

The full-service team at M Graphics & Signs in Salt Lake City can assist you in designing the perfect decals for your needs as well as your budget.

Using Vinyl Decals

Although most customers use vinyl signage on their facility’s windows, you can use them in many different types of locations. Mirrors, floors, walls and vehicles are just a few options that lend themselves to vinyl lettering and decals.

You can choose a background that helps you achieve your goals. When used on windows, a clear background allows you to see out and your prospects to see in. Opaque and frosted options provide more privacy, while still getting your message across to the outside world. You can even choose two-sided decals, for twice the impact.

You can also choose die-cut vinyl lettering and logo decals. These are appropriate for doors and windows, vehicles and any other location where you want to make a unique statement.

Benefits of Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are affordable, effective and highly versatile. In fact, you won’t find many other business signs that can get your message across as effectively.

You can choose the size, shape, color and design of your decals – the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. You can apply them in virtually any location, indoors our outdoors, on most types of surfaces. You can choose temporary application or, if you want your message to stick around indefinitely, you can have vinyl decals permanently mounted.

Decals are simple and quick to install, whether you choose to install them yourself or let the experts at M Graphics handle that task for you. They’re affordable enough that you can change them out frequently, to highly seasonal specials and promotions.

How to Order Vinyl Decals

Although you might be tempted to order your decals online, consider this: Most of the low-priced online options are produced overseas. This means you’ll wait weeks to receive your decals and, once they do arrive, you might not be happy with the quality or durability.

In Salt Lake City, M Graphics & Signs has large-format printing capabilities in-house. We handle every aspect of your project, from design through production and, if you prefer, we can also apply your decals per your specifications. We stand behind everything we do and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

And, because we do handle all aspects of production, we are able to provide quick turnaround while keeping our costs low.

As a full-service sign shop, our team has the experience and dedication you deserve. Contact M Graphics & Signs today to discuss your need for vinyl decals and other business signage.