Considering investing in digital menu boards for your café or restaurant? It’s about time!

Going digital is smart, because not only are you modernizing your look, but you, your customers and your staff will enjoy greater convenience.


Communicate Easily with Your Customers

No more breakdowns in communication — backlit digital menu boards are clear and concise. Your customers will know exactly what they’re ordering.

Employees Will Save Time

It might take your employees hours to write out a menu or change the lettering. And they have to spend time on this project every time the selections change.

With digital, less time has to be devoted to updating the menu, and more time can be spent on other important areas of business, like customer interaction. You can even schedule your menu to change at certain times of the day — your employees won’t even have to think about it.

Meet Health Care Regulations

Health care regulations for the food service industry are always changing. Now, chain restaurants must display calorie counts next to each menu item. This is difficult to do unless you have digital menu boards that you can update as needed. Stay in compliance with federal and state law, and keep all visitors fully informed.

Entertain Your Customers

Digital menu boards are fun to look at. Instead of impatiently waiting their turn to order, customers will perceive their wait time to be shorter — they’ll be too busy reading about all of the items you have to offer.

Save on Printing Materials

Digital signs are a one-time investment, whereas printed menus are an ongoing cost. You have to redesign the menu continuously, paying for printing and shipping costs over and over. Go digital, and you can eliminate this operating expense from your budget.

Maintain Brand Consistency

This is key if you have more than one location — you want your customers to feel comfortable at all of your locations. Your devoted customers should be able to walk into your newest store and order their regular meal or drink without feeling intimidated because of the difference in menu setup.

Digital menus allow you to maintain the same branding at every location, staying consistent and reliable.

Offer Attractive Upsell Opportunities

Do your employees forget to ask if customers want fries or a drink with their meals? Let your digital menu nudge the customers! When they see the affordable prices and the appetizing pictures, you will get the upsell naturally.

Talk to M Graphics & Signs about upgrading to digital menu boards. With expert design help, you’ll get the sleek, modern menu you envision, and continue impressing your customers.

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