Energy Efficient

LED bulbs use up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs. That’s a small chunk of your monthly energy bill evaporating. LED bulbs also last about 25 years, barring any unforeseen accident, versus traditional incandescent light bulbs, which last approx. one year and only convert about 5% of the energy it requires into light, emitting the other 95% as heat.

No Toxic Elements

Traditional incandescent light bulbs contain approx. 3,000 milligrams of mercury. Mercury, sometimes referred to as quicksilver, is a toxic substance that, when a light bulb is broken can affect many things. Mercury can escape either as vapor, in which be inhaled, or has fine powder which can get on the skin and cause rashes. Mercury is also bad for the environment. If a breakage does occur, it can be cleaned up inexpensively, to learn how refer to this enlightening article in Scientific America.

The LED’s, on the other hand, contain no mercury and are much better for the environment. 

Fewer Lights Needed

Another advantage that LED’s give over traditional lightbulbs is that LED’s can direct and focus the light they give out. 

For example, when you have a traditional lightbulb plugged into your ceiling light, it emits light everywhere the bulb is pointed at, and because it’s a bulb that means the light goes everywhere, even the ceiling above it. An LED, on the other hand, can direct the light it emits downward. So an LED won’t illuminate the ceiling above it where the light isn’t needed thus saving the amount of light it produces, thus saving on the amount of energy it needs. 

That’s pretty nifty, right?

Life Span

LED lights last up to six times longer than any other types of lights, which reduces how often you’ll need to purchase new bulbs and replace the older bulbs. 

This means using fewer bulbs, which means fewer resources are needed to manufacture more bulbs and less packing materials are used to ship these bulbs. 

The life span of LED’s helps the environment as well!

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